When growing older, many people lose their sense of time, and being able to check the time, day and date becomes important. Dintido is an electronic calendar clock available in many languages, developed specifically to help elderly and people who suffer from dementia keep track of time.

In addition to showing the weekday, time, and date, Dintido also clearly shows whether it is morning, afternoon, evening or night.

Dintido makes it easy to check what time and day it is, and helps increase the sense of independence and safety.

Dintido - digitalt kalender-ur på dansk. Udviklet til ældre, personer med demens og svagtseende.
Dintido - elektronisk kalender-ur på dansk til ældre og personer med demens
  • Dintido is easy to use: just turn on the clock and choose your language.
  • Dintido keeps track of daylight saving time and leap years.
  • Dintido is suitable for people with Alzheimer’s, dementia and visually impared.
  • Price (VAT incl.): DKK 1.375 + shipping

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